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 “He [Bob Dunn] has done Lambeau field and he said there at the end that they used a lot of the space that they weren’t using and that’s what he said they could use at Soldier Field; all of the colonnade space they would enclose it and that’s where they get the extra space even though they’re still using the same footprint. They [Landmark Development] did Ford Field as well. They did U.S. Bank which we love. They know how to do this.”

By Andrea Guthmann

WTTW Chicago Tonight


On the same day the team ended its season with a loss to the Minnesota Vikings, developer Bob Dunn released details of a reimagined Soldier Field, with a glass dome being the most eye-catching feature. A six-minute video filled with glitzy graphics shows how the iconic lakefront stadium could be radically transformed.

By Chief

Barstool Sports


“This Sim City venue looks awesome. Great train station for metra and CTA. That's nice. The enclosed concourse complete with the famous pillars...wonderful idea.”

By David Roeder

Chicago Sun-Times


In an interview, he [Bob Dunn] offered images that promise that Soldier Field’s design, which has been likened to a crashed spaceship, could become something thrilling.

By Shardaa Gray

CBS Chicago


Some Bears fans expressed excitement at the thought of the Bears potentially staying with more seating inside Soldier Field and a dome to cover the stadium.


"I think that's an amazing idea," said fan Theresa Cardona. "I think it would bring more people in."

By Justin Laurence and Danny Ecker

Crain’s Chicago Business


The roughly six-minute video released by Bob Dunn's Landmark Development sweeps viewers along the lakefront, through Dunn's proposed One Central megadevelopment and back into a decked-out stadium featuring new year-round fan experiences, a museum, updated club seating and a convertible north wall that opens up to a new lakefront concert venue.

FOX 32 Chicago


“Soldier Field has always been criticized for being too old and too small. It would be a transparent ceiling and views of the lakefront and skyline would be focal points. Fan areas would be modern and entertaining. One of the most ideal parts is the improvement on transportation.”

Telemundo Chicago


El plan propuesto consistiría en construir una cúpula sobre la estructura actual del Soldier Field, y la mayor parte de las construcciones se llevarían a cabo en las zonas norte y sur del estadio para levantar las estructuras de soporte de la cúpula. El plan también incluye palcos, clubes y otros servicios.

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